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Soaking Up History: The Magical Tale of Murrieta’s Hot Springs

With a history as rich as its mineral infused water, it’s no wonder visitors have come from far and wide to witness it for themselves for centuries. Murrieta Hot Springs is more than just a destination; it offers a glimpse into the past while providing rejuvenation in the present.

The History of the Hot Spring

The allure of Murrieta Hot Springs dates back centuries, with its mineral waters drawing visitors from far and wide seeking its invigorating benefits. In 1873, Juan Murrieta and his partners purchased the land, but it wasn’t until 1902 when a German immigrant, Fritz Guenther, bought a section of it with the vision of creating a luxurious spa that it began to garner attention. Visitors who were familiar with European spas flocked to the area to experience this oasis for themselves. Under the watch of Hugo and Rudy, Fritz’s sons, both the hotel and Murrieta Valley grew, allowing for it to become all that it is today.

Discovering the Benefits of Minerals

The mineral waters of Murrieta Hot Springs have long been revered for its curative effects and relaxation-inducing properties. This unique water, sourced from hundreds of feet below the surface, contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonates, chloride, fluoride, and boron, all enriching its health benefits. Soaking in these waters not only promises to nourish the skin but also relax muscles and relieve inflammation, offering visitors a truly transformative experience.

A Modern Day Oasis

Today, Murrieta Hot Springs Resort has continued building off their history by offering a range of treatments and massages designed to replenish your spirit and revitalize the body, leaving you feeling fresh and renewed. Day passes allow guests to explore their featured wellness experiences, including Aqua Yoga, Aqua Sound Bathing, Restful Recharge, Roll and Recover, and Restorative Yoga. Those who choose to stay at the resort also receive access to 24/7 soaking, expertly curated wellness activities, complimentary Sleep Ritual Tray and exclusive Dynamis Fitness instructor-led classes. Guests will also have access and be able to indulge in the delicious dining options featured at the resort like Brew 1902, Tortoise Shell, and Café Azuli.

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