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History & Culture


Murrieta was named after Spanish-born Ezequial Murrieta, who was entranced by the area’s natural beauty that he found reminiscent of his homeland. He bought 52,000 acres of land and established a sheep ranch before turning the property over to his brother Juan in 1873. That’s when Murrieta was born.

Murrieta first became popular as a destination in 1882, when the Southern California Railroad added the city to its southern transcontinental route. Murrieta again experienced a boom – this time thanks to its natural resources –  as the Murrieta Hot Springs Resort began attracting visitors from around the nation in the early 1900s. To this day, Murrieta continues to be known amongst visitors for its picturesque landscape and outdoor recreation. This array of experiences, paired with an undeniable small-town local vibe makes Murrieta the perfect Southern California getaway.

Murrieta Valley Historical Society

Dedicated to identifying, preserving and promoting Murrieta’s colorful history, the Murrieta Valley Historical Society hosts a number of educational events throughout the year, from dinners to walking tours. The Murrieta Museum – a cultural and historical center – opened in 2018.

Veterans Memorial

Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, the Murrieta Veterans Memorial showcases tributes to veterans who fought in World War II and the Korean War, as well as an Honor Garden and Fallen Warrior’s Memorial.

Arts & Culture

From art walks showcasing local artists to murals, pop-up galleries and exhibitions, Murrieta is a hub of creativity where artists can find inspiration in the natural beauty of the valley or the spirit of the community. Whether it’s visual and performing arts, live local music, backyard art shows or an orchestral concert, Murrieta boasts a thriving and vibrant art scene.

While the arts scene in Murrieta is capable of fostering any number of emotions from awe to introspection, the culture of the city is most likely to leave a feeling of goodwill, as evidenced by the welcoming people who call Murrieta home. The city’s culture is also showcased in the year-round parades, festivals and social events that celebrate those values. Come by and experience it for yourself!ff

Murrieta Arts Council

The Murrieta Arts Council recognizes the crucial role of the arts in the community as a creative and economic force, partnering with local arts organizations to promote artists of all disciplines.

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If you’re looking to get away from it all while breathing in fresh, elevated air, Murrieta’s pristine parks, reserves, lakes, trails and open spaces offer picturesque serenity that guarantees memorable moments.

Food & Drink
Food & Drink

No adventure is complete without a good meal. Murrieta offers a selection of steakhouses, BBQ and internationally-inspired cuisine that pair perfectly with the region’s boutique wineries and unique microbreweries.


Irish music buffs, car aficionados, cyclists, beer lovers, golfers and people-watchers can rejoice as Murrieta’s plethora of year-round events have something for everybody. Make sure to check out Get Shamrocked this September.