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Farmers’ Markets

As the modern grocery shopping experience distances consumers from the source of their food, we often lose sight of the people who dedicate their lives to growing and harvesting what ends up on our dinner plates. Murrieta’s farmers’ markets are the ideal venue for you to get an up close experience with your food, straight from the source, and to reconnect with real, healthy, seasonal food. And, with sunny weather all year long, our local farmers’ markets are up and running every week, so you can always stop by.

These markets are also great places to browse crafts, enjoy live entertainment, mix with locals and meet artisans. Murrieta has two lively farmers’ markets to choose from where families can enjoy a unique experience during the day or evening.

Points of interest

Murrieta Certified Farmers’ Market

From friendly farmers pointing out the cream of their crop to freshly-baked bread, kettle corn, BBQ sauces, desserts and local crafts, you’ll love meandering and exploring new flavors at this popular local farmers’ market.

Harvest Moon Markets

Held on Thursdays from 4pm – 8pm, this is Murrieta’s only farmers’ market open during the evening, which means that guests can stay cool while mingling with local growers and artisans. Kids will love the arts & crafts and local, live music.