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Explore Murrieta reveals first-ever tourism brand

Explore Murrieta reveals first-ever tourism brand: “Pairs Well with Adventure”


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Haley Gibbs

MURRIETA, Calif. (Nov. 7, 2018)—Explore Murrieta debuts its first-ever tourism brand and creative campaign, “Pairs Well with Adventure,” celebrating its access to southern California wine country, extreme outdoor adventure, connection to nature and preservation of art and history.

Explore Murrieta’s tourism brand was the result of a three-year process by a team of economic development, tourism and marketing experts. Beginning with the institution of a Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID), which funds the program, the brand includes an interactive website, logo, brand colors and creative campaign.

“It’s a much anticipated and celebrated day to see this brand—and our home—come to life,” said John Wang, Chairman of the Board for Explore Murrieta. “We live within 1-2 hours of the most high-profile cities of California, which is why it’s essential to showcase our competitive advantage for visitors from major metropolitan areas.”

At an elevation of 1,175-feet in Riverside County’s Santa Rosa Mountains, and with 292 days of annual sunshine, Murrieta is equidistant from Los Angeles to the north and San Diego to the south, and 45 miles east of Dana Point.

Murrieta’s new visual identity includes a whimsical design, reflecting the undulation of its topography and celebrating the region’s year-round sunshine. A study of Murrieta’s economic, consumer, and lifestyle trends helped formulate the region’s key pillars and traveler personas.

“Our unmistakable identity and unification as a tourism destination is vital to the economic longevity of our local businesses and stakeholders,” said Patrick Ellis, President/CEO of the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director of Explore Murrieta. “Finally, we have the visual, emotional and educational assets to catch the attention of travelers and showcase who we really are.”

Explore Murrieta’s website includes an interactive map of five newly identified districts, showcasing the region’s diversity and appeal to key traveler personas.

Famland attracts families and children of all ages to enjoy Murrieta’s clean parks and fun centers. From trampoline parks and dance centers, to minigolf and skating arenas, the region embraces multigenerational travel.

The Peaceful Preserve celebrates Murrieta’s natural habitats, including the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Preserve, home of the rare Fairy Shrimp. Other natural landmarks include the Tenaja Falls Trail, Skinner Reservoir and the Golf Club at Rancho California.

Craftown maps out the region’s craft breweries, including 8 Bit Brewing Company; while Varietal Valley showcases over 30 wineries throughout Riverside County. Regional produce and products contribute to the destination’s dining options and internationally-inspired cuisine.

Thrillsville appeals to extreme outdoor enthusiasts with skydiving, motocross, boating and watersports at the nearby Lake Elsinore, one of three major lakes in a 15-mile radius.

“At the heart of the Inland Empire, Murrieta provides direct access to mountains and lakes, world-class beer and wine, leisure recreation and extreme sports, rare wildlife and modern infrastructure,” said Abbi Whitaker, Co-Founder and President of The Abbi Agency. “Our slogan, ‘pairs well with adventure,’ was an obvious fit after analyzing the dueling elements and diverse amenities that make Murrieta a place for everyone.”

Explore Murrieta’s brand will be unveiled, Tuesday, Nov. 14 at the annual Murrieta-Wildomar Economic Outlook Event, 7:30-9:30 a.m. at the Azusa Pacific Campus in Murrieta. The Explore Murrieta Board of Directors and Development Team will describe the branding and marketing process, and how local businesses can benefit from the unified destination. For more information on attending this event, please visit MWCoC.org.

About Explore Murrieta

Explore Murrieta is the tourism marketing brand for Murrieta, Calif. in Riverside County. A newly formed tourism destination, Murrieta’s five districts celebrate southern California Wine Country, family experiences, natural habitats, craft beer and extreme sports. Murrieta’s ethos, “Pairs Well With Adventure,” connects city attractions with the allure of the greater southern California region. Discover more at ExploreMurrieta.com.  

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