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Awesome Blossom

From lifelong nature lovers to social media mavens, thousands of people flock to Southern California each year to enjoy the polychromatic floral symphony that defines bloom season. In the heart of the bloom lies Murrieta. Easily accessible, near world-class wineries, and brimming with excellent hotels and restaurants, Murrieta offers everything you need to enjoy more bloom season with friends and family than ever before.

Primrose & Poppy
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Fine-tuned to the unique colors of Murrieta’s lighting and landscape, this free preset will ensure that you get the perfect shot.


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Where to See

Lake Elsinore

From the newest technologies in watersports such as flyboarding and jetovating to classics like kayaking, sailing, boating, wakeboarding, fishing, water skiing and windsurfing, the 3,300-acre Lake Elsinore offers aquatic activities for all ages, levels and interests.

Santa Rosa Plateau
Santa Rosa Plateau Ecoloical Reserve

Rich with museums, historic ranches, and nature centers and home to vernal pools featuring rare fairy shrimp, the 9,000-acre reserve’s extensive network of trails offers plenty of opportunities to view the bloom, and is a short drive from Murrieta.

The open meadows and grassy hillsides off Wildomar’s Clinton Keith Road act as an ideal canvas for the dazzling patchwork of colorful wildflowers, while the Los Santos trail accentuates the bloom with glimpses of oaks, basalt outcrops, and shady ravines.

What to See

Evening Primrose

This golden-petaled biennial earned its name for quickly opening its colorful flowers late in the day.

Desert Sand Verbana

Showcasing star-shaped fragrant, purple flowers, this annual herb is a favorite of butterflies and is exclusive to California.

California Poppy

With a distinctive cup-shape, the California state flower can be found in vibrant shades of yellow, red, orange, or pink.

Desert Lily

Known for its symmetrical white petals, the bulbs of this flower have been eaten by native peoples for centuries.

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