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Bring Murrieta to You with these Exclusive Zoom Backgrounds

We know you’ve been stuck in your room or home office, feeling claustrophobic while you virtually chat with coworkers and/or loved ones. You miss the outdoors, the hot air of a summer afternoon, the smell of freshly cut grass. You might especially miss Murrieta, and the way a visit here seems to infuse your body with a feeling of wide open spaces and fresh air

That’s why we decided to bring Murrieta to you. It might not compare to the real deal, but these Murrieta Zoom backgrounds will ease the feeling of stuffiness that oftens haunts those who work from home. Kick back, open a window and take your pick of one (or all, if you want some variety) of these magical Zoom backgrounds.

Go On, Take Your Pick

There’s nothing better than a casual stroll through a Murrieta winery. Just imagine: the vines stretching across the landscape in magnificent rows of greenery, the smell from the ripening grapes hanging in the air. We recommend pairing these winery Zoom backgrounds with a nice glass of wine in order to complete the image, though substituting with coffee is acceptable if your meeting is a little earlier in the day.

Maybe wineries aren’t your scene, or maybe you’re just in the mood for a brisk bike ride through the fresh air of Murrieta. With an expansive selection of trails and bike areas, Murrieta is a perfect place for bike enthusiasts and casual cruisers alike. Have fun showing off your outdoorsy side to your Zoom companions with these backgrounds, just don’t forget your helmet!

If the Zoom backgrounds aren’t enough and you’re still missing Murrieta, check out our blog posts on how to show your support from afar or how to start planning your getaway.

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